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The Liberation of America

January 19th, 2009 in Sweet Spot

The Liberation of America (via Vision and Openness, Connection and Social Media)

It’s just a few hours to go until, what is, in my mind, the ‘Liberation of America’ and I am celebrating!

The United States of America and the world has suffered greatly these last 8 years. I often felt that my country was occupied by a foreign invader.

However, Americans, twice chose this drastically mistake path, whether we voted for George W. Bush or not, we are all responsible for the sorry state of our nation. We inflicted this damage upon ourselves.

While living in Asia these years I often recalled what Bill Clinton said in his first inaugural speech; “What’s right with America can fix what’s wrong with America.” I often looked at Japan and China and recalled those words. I never saw that here. These last 2 or 3 years I often wondered whether or not America still had that quality.

In the last months though, we have seen Barack Obama deeply inspire hope in the country once again. Though his campaigned used the internet and social media to connect and organize millions, I believe that Barack Obama single handedly brought it to fruition. His determination and faith in his unique vision approaches the superhuman. He REALLY reminds me of a great entrepreneur, something like a Steve Jobs of the political world.

Whether you were an enthusiastic Barack Obama supporter or not, everyone seems to agree that America is heading back in the direction of normality and this is indeed cause for hope.

Of course the hard work and a long road is ahead of us, but I am going to throw a party, with champagne, to celebrate! And also say a prayer that once and for all we have put division behind us.

Happy 2009! Participate in the Recession? No Thanks.

December 30th, 2008 in Sweet Spot

I have been doing our New Year’s cards to wish colleagues and clients a happy 2009. In the greeting I noted that 2009 looks like it is going to be a challenging year for business.

I know there is a recession but I don’t need to hear any more gloom and doom about it. Now, I know that there are a lot of people that have lost jobs and are really suffering but you know, I don’t know a single person that has lost their job, I don’t even know anyone that has had their pay cut.

Doesn’t anyone think that the constant reports of gloom and doom in the media, the incessant gloom and doom idle chatter by people that have jobs, live in nice houses and drive decent cars, etc, does significant additional damage to the economy?

Look at a graph of the stock market, do you really believe that is an accurate indication of the state of the economy?

I think back a few years, watching the post 9-11 hysteria in the US from abroad, everyone couldn’t stop repeating the “the world has changed” mantra. The world changed, but it changed back.

The next time I was back to the US, I asked some friends and family in the Midwest the following question: If the media had not reported the 9-11 terrorist attacks, you didn’t look at your stocks while the markets were closed and hadn’t been flying or scheduled to fly soon; how they would have known that the US had suffered the worst attack on American soil in our country’s history? Everyone admitted that they probably wouldn’t have realized that anything at all happened.

If Americans had recited the “the world has changed” mantra a little less, perhaps we wouldn’t have needlessly invaded Iraq.

My New Year’s resolution is to not actively participate in the recession. I am just going to dedicated myself to doing what I can do.

I am interested in accurate, objective news and information, I am glad to help out friends and clients that are affected by the recession in any way that I can. However, I don’t have patience for any more gloom and doom, especially not from people that have a standard of living hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of times higher than that of the average person on planet Earth. Count your blessings and move on. This time will pass.